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Earth, Wood, & Glass

Building for a living earth

Earth, Wood and Glass
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This is a community to talk about housing, house building, and architecture -- specifically, builing using natural materials, forsaking the use of toxic, over processed industrial products.

This community was prompted by my research in preparation for building my own home. I began looking at straw-bale techniques, but have expanded into many areas. A major transformation in my point of view happened when I came across The Earth-Sheltered House: An Architect's Sketchbook by Malcolm Wells. While I wasn't very fond of his designs, the ideas he communicates in that book are revolutionary.

This led to the second transformation of my housing consciousness when I began exploring books at the local library. I found Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter by Lloyd Kahn. I was able to get ahold of his original book, Shelter, and this book is beyond amazing. The name of this community comes from a comment made in shelter. After experimenting with evry plastic artificial building product he could get ahold of, the author finds himself over and over again returning to earth, wood, and glass as the best products for building human shelter.

Since being exposed to thes sources, my brain has been sent down a major path questioning just what shelter is, what it should do and how it should do it. I started this community because I want to share these thoughts with others and see what others think. I encourage people to somehow find these books ad read them. Find as many books as you can on hand-built natural housing, and share the wisdom you find.

I have posted some introductory ideas to think about and discuss, to kind of set the tone for the community. You can find them in the memories.